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Over time, frequent use of your leather items can result in the accumulation of dirt and oils from your skin and clothing, resulting in the leather being soiled or damaged.

The more you let these contaminants build up on your leather, the more difficult it will be to clean. Using a quality leather cleaner, like Care for Leather cleaner, on a regular basis not only avoids a build up of soils and oils, but it will also help to extend the life of the leather’s protective sealant, preventing any dirt or spill absorption and extending the overall life of your leather sofa, car seats and clothing.

Keeping your leather in great shape isn’t very hard; a little time and a great product are all that you need. As a professional leather care specialist, I come across issues caused by the use of the wrong cleaning solutions or methods used to clean on a daily basis.

Please don’t use your kitchen or bathroom cleaning solutions on your leather; or even worse, don’t use the weird and wonderful concoctions that pop up on the internet. These cleaning solutions will damage the top coat sealant and consequently the pigment will start to wear and crack, resulting in having to use a professional leather restoration company, or even worse, irreversible damage!

Using Care for Leather cleaning and protection products and following the instructions, will help to preserve the look and feel of your leather for a very long time, thus saving you money on restoration or replacement costs and also saving the planet from more unnecessary landfill!

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